Results and Reports

Helm Hill Runners

It was a fantastic day enhanced by all the other BG teams out on that day. “The BBC was a fabulous event.”

The whole atmosphere and team bonding during the event was brilliant. I couldn’t run but was there from start to finish which made it all worth while. There was no let up the whole time, just when you sat down and stated to relax the excitement started all over again with the next change over … just brilliant and so rewarding!

Kath Aubrey, Ladies Captain, Helm Hill Runners

Abbey Runners

Its quite tricky navigating in soup in the dark when it was difficult to see the ground at times!

Apart from the rain on Sunday we had a brilliant weekend.

Dr Mike Ayres


On arriving at the Moot Hall several hours after our Female Vets team, the afterglow of the girls achievement in breaking the 24 hour barrier for the first time was still evident.  A police car was held up in Keswick to enable the runners to finish in 23:59.

Ray Gill, Dallam

Results received by the 1st July.  The event is now closed for the season.  next years event is to be held anytime in June 2012.


Helm Hill 21:48 New Record.  Broken thumb on leg 1.

Female Vets

Dallam 23:59 New record, 1st ladies team to break the 24 hour barrier.

Mixed Team

Dallam 20:39 Fastest team of the year.  Broke the Leg 5 record.

Abbey Runners 23:15 Had to run in thick soup

Billy Time Graph

The Graph below shows the time at which Billy reached the 5 check points.  The point at which your team line intersects the five extended check point lines indicates your team time to that point.  Delta Billy shows the difference between your team and Billy.  Typically this is how far Billy was ahead in terms of time.  The gradient for each segment of the team line indicates if you were faster or slower than Billy and by how much.  A positive gradient shows that you were slower than Billy, whereas a negative gradient shows a faster time than Billy.  For this year and as of the 22nd June 2011, only Mike McKenna and Ray Gill have managed a faster time than Billy Bland and that was on leg five.  Thank you for finishing with 40 minutes or more between teams, it has provided space to place all the team names on the graph!  Most considerate.



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