The Results for 2012 are presented below.  The month in general was a terrible one for running due to the shear volume of rain and mist cancelling some teams attempts.  Dark Peaks all female team put in an excellent record time of 18:51, beating the previous record by over 2 hours.

Ruth Batty and Debbie Smith of Dark Peak about to depart the Moot Hall at 2am complete with Olympic type Baton.


1st Dark Peak 18:51    30th June       Overall Time 18:51  New record

Leg 1  Ruth Batty, Debbie Smith   4:09

Leg 2  Liz Batt, Heather Marshall 4:05  Leg Record

Leg 3  Nicky Spinks, Pippa Wilkie 4:56 Leg Record

Leg 4  Kirsty Bryan Jones, Alice Robson, Penny Collier  3:53 Leg Record

Leg 5  Helen Elmore, Clare Oliffe, Rachel Horn  1:48    (5 minutes faster than Billy) Leg Record


“All the girls are planning next year already so I think it has become an annual get together for us”  Nicky Spinks, DP


1st  Keighley & Craven AC 1st June   Overall Time: 20:38

LEG 1 Ali G, Shane Beaumont 4 hours 3 minutes
LEG 2 Brett Weeden, Tim Whitehead, Fraser Hardie, Dick Ballantine, Paul Smithson 5 hours 5 mins
LEG 3 John-Paul Hopkinson, Ste Brock 4 hours 48 minutes
LEG 4 Dave Evans, Stuart Walton 3 hours 54 mins
LEG 5 Livi Farrar, Tizz Woffenden, Di “Miguel” Macdonald, Camille Askins, Lorna Hubbard 2 hours 48 mins


2nd Dallam   29th June    Overall Time 23:10

Leg 1: John Leech, Dave Barnes 3:45

Leg 2: Martin Gardiner and Neil Woods 4:50

Leg 3: Richard Jarvis, Dr Martin Benson 6:20

Leg 4: Steve Jeffs 5:21

Leg 5: Lorna Hewitt, Susan Goodfellow 2:54

Some mistakes made by Dallam, though of little consequence.