For 2013 we have 4 teams.

Dark Peak Ladies,  Tring Running Club Ladies,  Ilkely Harriers Mixed and Otley AC Mixed.


Dark Peak     Ladies      Sunday 16th June 3am   Overall Time 16:04  New Record

Brief Report from Nicky Spinks

Once again Dark Peak Ladies were keen to do the Billy Bland Challenge and hoped for better weather than last year. I allocated runners to roughly the same leg but swopped some of the better runners onto faster legs (ie 2 and 5) to make most use of their speed – this worked amazingly. The schedule I compiled was a 17.59 one. The weather was claggy for Leg 1 but Ruth, Debs and Lynne managed it on schedule, the weather improved for Leg 2 where Jude and Heather knocked almost an hour off my schedule to run it in 3.06 and caught us still having tea at Dunmail. Nicky and Jenny had a good leg 3 across Scafell and took 18 minutes off the schedule to complete in 4.22 hours. Then Kirsty and Claire had a very good run over Leg 4 and took 30 minutes off the schedule to finish in 3.28 hours. Then Helen and Pippa stormed round Leg 5 doing it in 1.41 which I think beats the Men’s record?


Speedy Girls beating the blokes leg 5 record.


Happy Runners having smashed records on all five legs

The baton has now been round the Bob Graham twice and still survives to take on another challenge however I’m not sure it will be the Billy Bland challenge as we don’t think we could better our overall time of 16 hours and 4 minutes.
Leg 1:  3:27   Ruth Batty, Debs Smith & Lynne Bland  Leg Record
Leg 2:  3:06  Judith Jepson & Heather Marshall Leg Record
Leg 3: 4:22  Nicky Spinks and Jenny Craddick   Leg Record
Leg 4: 3:28  Kirsty Bryan Jones and Claire Oliffe  Leg Record
Leg 5: 1:41  Helen Elmore and Pippa Wilkie  (12 minutes faster than Billy) Leg Record
Overall Time 16:04
Tring Running Club     Ladies      00:00 1st June   Overall Time 20:36

Billy Bland 2013 RG report.docx Billy Bland 2013 RG report.docx
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Leg 1: 3:49   Bryony Harding, Iona Craft
Leg 2: 4:01 Sophie Green, Sophie Delderfield   Broke the previous record
Leg 3: 5:51 Alison Harding, Mandy Bonthrone
Leg 4: 4:43 Alice Ely, Kirsty Barnett
Leg 5: 2:12 Verna Burgess, Jane Porteus
Overall Time 20:36 

Otley AC        Mixed Team         8th June 2:30am  Overall Time 21:53

Leg 1: 4:00  Graham Lake, Renee Saxton, Andy Hunt
Leg 2: 3:58  Laura Martin, Jimmy Sneath, Matt Podd
Leg 3: 5:27 Karen Best, Lloyd Best, Andrew Robertshaw
Leg 4:5:43   Hugh Pearson, Andy Webster, Nick Hodgkinson
Leg 5: 2:46  Sarah Smith, Sarah Fuller, Graham Lake
Overall Time: 21:53
Ilkley Harriers        Mixed Team         22nd June 1:00am  Overall Time 23:06
Conditions Reported as Very Wet, Strong Winds + Poor Visibility on Summits
Brief Report from Val
We did enjoy the challenge despite the weather (at least everyone says they did, but perhaps they were being polite !) – I think there is a great sense of acheivement when you defeat the elements as well as the course.  In fact everyone keeps asking if we are going to do it again next year now we have a time to beat. We had 20 people doing it altogether, all very experienced fell runners, 4 on most legs, and 16 made the hand over times so that’s not too bad. We would have done it a bit quicker but had one or two hitches including a runner with severe cramp in both legs on Leg 1 (had to call mountain rescue in the end as he was immobilised at the bottom of Doddick Fell and couldn’t walk – he had reccied the leg twice without any problems as well so was very annoyed).

Leg 1:  4:47  Dan Hill and Nicki Jacquiri
Leg 2:  4:03  Kate Archer, Alison Weston, Outi Kamarinen
Leg 3:  6:32  Neil Smith, Will Buckton, Alistair Barlow
Leg 4:  5:02  Claire Smith, Sue Booth, Nick Pearce, Dave Wilby, Rebecca Mon-Williams and 3 dogs.  The names of the dogs were not supplied.
Leg 5:  2:42  Val Kerr, John Coates,Sharon Meadows, Neil Chapman
Overall Time 23:06
Kevin and Rachel Gooch (Leg 1) and Brian Melia (Leg 3) also participated but were not at the handovers