L to R: Tim, Richard, Pete, Billy Bland, Steve, Mark, Robin, Gavin (Heptonstall Hurriers with Guest)

Overall Positions

1st    Ilkley Hariers   21:07

2nd   Heptonstall Hurriers   21:35

3rd    Elvet Striders   23:18

4th    Pensby Runners  23:38

5th   Fife Atheletic Club  24:06

Race Categories


1st    Heptonstall Hurriers  21:35


1st    Fife Atheletic Club  (Fifie Wifies) 24:06


1st   Ilkley Harriers  21:07

2nd   Elvet Striders and Friends   23:18

3rd   Pensby Runners  23:38

Leg Times and Runners (Starting Date Order)

Leg 1: Moot / Threlkeld, Leg 2: Threlkeld / Dunmail, Leg 3: Dunmail / Wasdale, Leg 4: Wasdale / Honister, Leg 5: Honister / Moot

Pensby Runners: Mixed, Start 18:00 6th June, 23:38 Hours

Leg 1: Tom Rutherford, Debbie Rutherford  4:05

Leg 2: Pat Peers, Nigel Crompton  4:47

Leg 3: Jeff Adams, Andy McGivern 6:59

Leg 4: Paul Challender, Dave Green 5:34

Leg 5: Loise Waywell, Eric Gibson, Dom Roberts 2:23

Elvet Striders and Friends: Mixed, Start 07:30 7th June, 23:18 Hours (First Team to go Anticlockwise)

Leg 1: Geoff Davis, Nigel Heppell 3.54

Leg 2: Kevin Bray, Mike Hughes, David Hall, Andy Hastie  5:24

Leg 3: John Telfer, James Garland 6:37

Leg 4: Tom Reeves, Steph Scott, David Gibson 4:51

Leg 5: Graham Daglish, Susan Davis, Rachel Bullock, Katy Walton 2:32

Ilkley Harriers: Mixed, Start 7pm 20th June, 21:07

Leg 1:  Sarah Edwards, Paul Sowden, Alistair Barlow, Jamie Hutchinson  3:59

Leg 2: Clare Smith, Neil Smith, Andrew Merrick, John Coates 4:46

Leg 3: Dan Wilkinson, Jack Wood, Ben Shepperd 5:15

Leg 4: Alison Weston, Kate Archer, Jane McCarthy, Brian Melia, Dick Waddington 4:24

Leg 5: Sharon Meadows, Alison Bennett, Val Kerr, Adela Reperecki, Neil Chapman 2:43

Fife Athletic Club (Fifie Wifies): Female, 7am 21st June, 24:06 (Anticlockise)

Leg 1: Charlotte Kirby, Ally Malcolm Smith 4:46

Leg 2: Cathy Sinclair, Moira Grainger,  6:12

Leg 3: Anita Laidlaw, Liz Killean 6:27

Leg 4: Caroline Pollard, Louise Burt 4:06

Leg 5: Louise Provan, Julia Neufeind 2:35

Heptonstall Hurriers: Male, 00:00 28th June, 21:35

Leg 1: Pete Fitzpaterick, Joey Daniels 4:28

Leg 2: Tim Brooks Paul Cruthers 4:38

Leg 3: Peter Bowles, Mark Wharton 5:10

Leg 4: Paul Cotton, Steve Grimley 4:45

Leg 5:  Charlie Boyce, Richard Law, Gavin Lee, Robin Gray 2:34


A selection of quotes and links to team web based reports:

“We all had a most amazing weekend and really enjoyed it”                   Louise Burt, Fifie Wifies

“I have to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and there is talk of repeating the exercise next year. Part of its success was the great weather we enjoyed and meeting Billy Bland himself was a huge bonus but it’s a great challenge to take part in. What a brilliant idea. Thanks very much for organising this – much appreciated”                   Pete Fitzpatrick, Heptonstall Hurriers


An all Striders team set off from Keswick in good weather and high spirits. Rachael, Jules & Katy were having their first experience of a BGR and seemed to love every minute of itThe start in Keswick.


BG or BBC weekends are great; let’s hope there’s many more to come! I suspect that one or two Striders might want to give it a go themselves after putting ‘a toe in the water’ last weekend”  Geoff Davies, Elvet Striders  reports June 2014


“We were greeted with some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen in the lakes, we were above a bank of cloud inversion that seemed as if it was about to tumble out of the plateau and into Langdale, with one side the sun rising and the other side a Brocken Spectre, a magical experience! Next we made our way to Pike O’ Stickle, getting briefly lost in the clag.”   Dan Wilkinson, Ilkley Harriers     20/21st June 2014