Results 2015

Male VET

Keswick:  14:35   (New record for Male VETS)

Heptonstall Hurriers 21:14


Sunderland Strollers  21:19

Meltham AC  24:59

Keighley and Craven  26:07

Individual Results and Reports / Links to Reports


Keswick Male Vets 14:35 (New record for Male VETS)

“We had a cracking day, good running and great weather. We managed just over the senior record smashing the vets time with 1435 :-).

If you’d like a photo of Keswick Vets to replace the Dallam one I’d obviously be pleased to supply you with one!!
Cheers  Nick Ogden.”  (I would expect after some serious meditation the mighty Dallam VETS will respond.)

Leg 1: Nick Ogden, Donald Ferguson   2:48 (New Record)

Leg 2: Dave Prosser, Chris Brewer   3:17 (New Record)

Leg 3: Steve Angus, Andrew Slattery   3:41 (New Record)

Leg 4: Dave Truman, Dave Birch  3:10

Leg 5: Mark McGlincy, Craig Smith 1:39 (New Record)























A Graph of  Time v the difference in Time between a Team and Billy Bland.  Negative gradients show where a team is catching Billy.  Keswick were in with a chance of beating Billy and were only 37 minutes short of his time.


Heptonstall Hurriers Male VETS   00:00 June 27th  21:14

Leg1: Robin Gray, Joey Daniels  5:21

Leg 2: Pete Fitzpatrick, Richard Henderson  3:49

Leg 3: Peter Bowles, Tim Brooks.  5:12

Leg 4: Chris Sylge, Paul Cotton 4:31

Leg 5: Richard Law, Charlie Boyce, Steve Grimley 2:22

“A year older and theoretically a year wiser the Heptonstall Hurriers returned to the scene of their greatest triumph. Their goal was to take on the Billy Bland Challenge and run it faster than any pub team from Heptonstall had previously managed.”  They did by 20 minutes by the use of cunning strategies best read via the following link.

Billy Bland Challenge 2015


Sunderland Strollers.  Mixed 8pm, Start 5th June  Total Time: 21:19

Report Link:

This report is full of poetry and pictures.  Here is the final extract:

Up Keswick town back to Moot Hall, Cheers one and all – great fun.

Strollers contemplate the Moot Hall Architecture

Leg 1: Ken Maynard, Bill Bowman  3:14

Leg 2: Adnan Khan, Paul Wilson  3:36

Leg 3: Jill Kisler, Louise Outterson 6:41

Leg 4: Rachel Ball, Harry Harrison  5:28

Leg 5: Brian Caroll, Michael Dixon, James McGovern 2:20








Meltham AC Mixed  Start: 00:01 27th June.   Time:  24:59

We may not have made the 24 hours, but for a small club we have shown that this is available for all clubs and runners and is a fantastic event to a part of.  Jeff Miller, Meltham AC.  Report promised soon.

“Everyone got round, no-one was injured and there was much laughter all day long. The tracker is a great way to keep in touch, both from the spectators and the safety point of view – for me, just knowing it was on my shoulder gave me confidence to keep going and I would highly recommend it. Will we do it again? Guaranteed”

Leg 1: Andy Long, Mark Hoath 4:34

Leg 2: Susi Sadler, David Sadler 4:45

Leg 3: James Young, Sam Bolton 6:56

Leg 4: Jeff Miller, Paul Elliott 5:44

Leg 5: M.T. Crowe. Robin Stewart  3:00




Photo of Meltham Racer

Keighley and Craven A.C. Start 7pm 19th June 2015.  26:07

No report receive from Keighley, however on searching their website I found the following:

“June 17th 2016  Who fancies doing the Bob Graham Round as a relay.”  They did it on June the 19th

Leg 1: John-Paul Hopkinson, Paul Crabtree.  3:50

Leg 2: Dick Ballantine, Ben Farrar, Simon Farrar.  5:35

Leg 3: Owen Mills, Gary Ward, Richard Butter, Stuart Walton, Dave Evans.  7:16

Leg 4: Fraser Hardie, Lorna Hubbard. 6:19

Leg 5: Richard Hondle, Hilary Barber 3:07