Keswick AC Male 12.24    New Record  

Ellenborough AC 13:14  Male    First Team to beat Billy’s time of 13:58 


Keswick AC Ladies 16:59


Helm Hill  19:43 Lady VETS  New Record

Saddleworth Runners    23:33 Lady VETS


Keighley and Craven AC    21:42 Mixed

Meltham AC   23:46   Mixed

Heptonstall Hurriers    Mixed 25:20

Performance Graph

Performance Graph
















Individual Times, Records in Red and links to reports. 

Keswick AC    Male 12:24


Leg 1: Steve Hebblethwaite, Mark Lamb  2:10  New Record

Leg 2: Sam Stead, Phil Winskill   2:27  New Record

Leg 3: Carl Bell, James Appleton  3:10  New Record

Leg 4: Lee Newton, Dave Birch  3:12

Leg 5: Peter George, John Battrick 1:25  New Record

When Keswick AC held its breath.

Ellenborough AC   Male 13:14


Leg 1: Calum Tinnion, Lee Amur  2:23

Leg 2: Chris Knowles, Scott Keough  2:55

Leg 3: Richard McGrath, Ricky Lightfoot 3:24

Leg 4: Chris Lister, Brian Taylor 3:05

Leg 5: Mark Walsh, Alan Bowness 1:27

Cheers Billy!  Ellenborough Runners

Well deserved pint! (800x450)

Keswick AC  Ladies 16:59


Definitely hoping to have another go next year!

Leg 1: Catherine Spurden, Hannah Horsburgh  3:03  New Record

Leg 2: Katy Moore, Trudy Beetham 3:43

Leg 3: Jo Gillyon, Catherine Evans 4:30

Leg 4: Rachel Findlay Robinson, Victoria Haworth 3:51

Leg 5: Sam Ayres, Annabel Holmes 1:52

Helm Hill    Lady Vets  19:43

Leg 1: Kate Simpson and Ali Richards  3:51

Leg 2: Jayne Rigby and Jo Wilcox  3:48

Leg 3: Kath Aubrey  and Carrie Gibson  5:39

Leg 4: Marie Robson and Amanda Burrow  3:59

Leg 5: Sarah Senior and Sharron Hutchinson  2:28

Saddleworth Runners  Lady Vets 23:33

Leg 1: Sue Kiveal, Christobel Hegginbotham  4:50

Leg 2: Sharon Lever, Tanya Haynes 5:15

Leg 3: Jill Davies, Liz Tromans  6:14

Leg 4: Nicky Torr, Jane Hodgson  4:36

Leg 5: Monice Boland, Nicky Snook, Kate Saville  2:38

“for 15 glorious hours we thought we had broken the W40 record….until we discovered that Helm Hill W40 team had gone round one hour ahead of us and reduced the record time by over 4 hours! such is life!  We had an absolutely brilliant time this weekend and thank you for the opportunity of getting people out on the fells experiencing the massive buzz of being part of a team striving for common goal”  Jill Davies of Saddleworth Runners
Keighley and Craven AC  Mixed 21:42
Leg 1: Paul Crabtree, John Parkin (Bingley) 3:06
Leg 2: Dick Ballantine, Simon Farrar, Ben Farrar, Paul Calderbank (Ilkley) 4:39
Leg 3: Richard Butter, Gary Ward, Pete Lloyd, Simon Wheeler 6:25
Leg 4: Lorna Hubbard, Fraser Hardie 4:35
Leg 5: Camille Askins, Emma Doons, Richard Hindle, Tina Kelly  2:57
Meltham AC    Mixed 23:46
Leg 1: Tina and Mark Crowe  5:07
Leg 2: Penny Ditchfield, Paul Elliott, Jonathon Mitchell  4:01
Leg 3: Alice Butile (Butice?), Sam Bolton, Graeme Lee 7:19
Leg 4: Giles Bailey, Mick Lancaster  4:44
Leg 5: Robin Stewart, Jeff Miller 2:35
Heptonstall Hurriers    Motley  25:20  Our cunning plan was about as good as one of Baldrick’s.
Leg 1: Tim Brooks, Richard Law, Steve Grimley  4:10
Leg 2: Peter Bowles, Charlie Boyce   5:05
Leg 3: Paul Cotton, Robin Gray  6:59
Leg 4: Peat Fitzpatrick, Richard Henderson 5:18
Leg 5: Jan Fitzpatrick, Vikki Holbrook 3:48