Male                         1st Macclesfield Harriers 14:24   (record for event)

Male VET                  1st Dallam  17:16   (record)

Female VET             1st Dallam  25:20   (record)

Mixed                      1st Wharfedale Harriers  16:49   (record)

2nd Tattenhall Runners 22:44 (mainly women with at least one women on each leg)

The graph below shows the difference in time between the various teams and Billy Bland.


The graphs show how each team performed compared to Billy Bland and other teams.  The  x axis represents Billy Time or the time taken by Billy Bland.  The y axis shows the difference in time taken to arrive at a set location.  The set locations in this instance are the change over points and are represented by parallel lines.  For instance the Dunmail line passes through the 5 hour mark on the Billy Time axis and has coordinates of (5-0).  A team arriving after 6 hours would have coordinates of (6-1), 6 showing the time taken and 1 showing the difference in time between your team and Billy.  The arrival times at each location are joined together to produce a series of straight lines.  A fast team endeavours for a series of lines that curve back towards the Billy Time axis and hopefully go below it in order to beat Billy Bland.