Helm Hill Runners June 10th   Run Time 12:21   RECORD “Billy Beaters” 

Leg1: Ben Procter, Jack Simpson 2:41

Leg 2: Adam Perry, Tom Addison 2:25

Leg 3: Josh Jardine, Rob Jebb 3:13

Leg 4: Paul Aitken, Mark Addison 2:31  RECORD

Leg 5: Lee Procter, Pete Rigby 1:31

Dallam Running Club  1st and 2nd of June 6pm start  Run Time 24:02

Leg 1: Graham Beaumont, Richard Simpson 4:26

Leg 2: Mark Bell, Mike Smith 5:10

Leg 3: Andy Bryan, Ray Gill 7:48

Leg 4: Tyrone Lewis, John Wallbank 4:52

Leg 5: Mike Collins, Wilf Goodfellow 1:47


Helm Hill Runners 10th June 3:30am start    Run Time 16:20

Leg 1: Jenny Rice, Catherine Niblock  3:18

Leg 2: Sharon Taylor, Hannah Russell 3:01

Leg 3: Kelli Roberts, Catherine Slater 4:27

Leg 4: Bianca Dyer, Lucy Spain 3:38

Leg 5: Ali Richards, Rachel Simpson 1:56

Dallam Running Club 1st and 2nd June 6:30pm start

Leg 1: Penny Attwood, Jessica Goodfellow, Elizabeth Rocke 5:05

Leg 2: Karen Gates, Sharon Hutchinson 5:10

Leg 3: Jenny Lyon, Sue Goodfellow 9:03

Leg 4: Debbie Copley, Grace Leadham 5:27

Leg 5: Awaiting confirmation (not still on the fell)

Mixed Team

Helm Hill Runners 10th June 00:00 start     Run Time 19:33

Leg 1: Marie Robson, David Appleyard 4:35

Leg 2: Chloe Alina, Si Whittaker 3:48

Leg 3: Joanne Rycroft, Anthony Emmet 5:05

Leg 4: Sarah Gerrish, Craig Burrows 4:07

Leg 5: Kathleen Aubrey, David White 1:58

Open Team

Hyde Park Harriers (Leeds  Based) 8-9th June 17:00 start      Run Time 21:34

Leg 1: Emma Brown, Honor Baldry, Naomi Adkins, Johanna Rhodes 4:40

Leg 2: Aron Fulton, Jack Rose 4:29

Leg 3: Alex Greenwood, Adam Lomas, Steve Rhodes 5:59

Leg 4: Tom Thomas, Scott Watson 4:05

Leg 5: Robin Culshaw, Rebecca Grey, Ellen Sharpe, Amy Young 2:11


Top Marks for Helm Hill who seem to have impressively coordinated their start times so that all three teams finished at about the same time, no doubt for a bit of a celebration, though it seems that their mens team were very keen to celebrate by breaking the record for the overall event time.

Dallam Men on the other hand had something of an epic.  By some fluke we managed to pick the only day in June that started off with thunderstorms.  After an electrifying start and reports of stopping twice for sandwiches on leg 1, thick mist then descended for legs 2 and 3 leading to some navigational problems.  Leg three runners, (myself Ray Gill and Andy Bryan) made good time  to the top of Bowfell, then one hour later, we got to the top of Bowfell again.  Leg 4 runners commented after the event, “how come it took longer to do leg 4 when I was fresh, than on my Bob Graham when I was knackered”.  Leg 5 runners ran well with an overall team time of just over 24 Hours.