I can only advise here as it is up to each team to consider its own safety requirements.  The typical race rules imposed by the FRA are a good point of reference, particular towards relays where less experienced people can be drawn into running in conditions that are beyond their ability.  The suggestion is that each team appoints its own race director that is responsible for all aspects of the race safety.  You may want to consider carrying a baton that is a piece of safety equipment such as a light weight aluminium foil sleeping bag especially in bad weather.  The event is to be carried out as a relay to ensure runners are counted out and counted in.  Consideration should be given to Broad Stand which can be especially dangerous when wet.  Slower teams need to consider night time legs rather than have one imposed on them.  Setting off at midnight seems to work well as darkness time is wasted climbing Skiddaw and running in on the roads towards Kendal.  Runners who don’t like Halls Fell Ridge should consider Doddick Fell as an easy option.